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The city of Banda Aceh, capital of province of Aceh, is 18,5 Km from the site dand takes about 20 minutes by car. The local International airport is about 30 minutes away by car. Many surfers around the world are frequent the nearby of Lhok Nga village during the winter moths. Climate after 10.00 am it gets quite hot but seldom-above 30 C in the shade.


Banda Aceh city was named Kutaraja. On 26 December 2004, this city had damaged by tsunami that damaged about 60% of this city buildings. The city that also titled as Rencong Land has 9 district, they are:

  1. Baiturahman
  2. Kuta Alam
  3. Meuraxa
  4. Syiah Kuala
  5. Lueng Bata
  6. Ulee Kareng
  7. Banda Raya
  8. Jaya Baru
  9. Kutaraja

Banda Aceh is a city, which was established on April 22, 1205 by Sultan Alaidin Johansyah, is one of the oldest Islamic city in the South-East of Asia. It has been known since the seventeenth century as following.

  • Metropolitan City
  • Trading City (economic)
  • Center of Science
  • Center of Political Activities
  • Center of Islamic Education
  • Center of Islamic Culture in Southeast of Asia




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