Belitung is an Island in South East Asia, a part of Nation archipelago. Belitung is ruled by Indonesia since 1950 and became a district of South Sumatra province. On November 21st, 2000, Belitung and Bangka Island has been approved to become the 31st province of Indonesia separated from South Sumatra. This new province is called ‘Kepulauan Bangka Belitung’ province. This Island is placed at 107o 35' - 108o 18' Latitude and 2o 30' - 3o 15' Longitude.

The length of the diameter from East to West is about 79 km and North to South about 77 km. The total land is 480.060 hectares with 189 small islands surround Belitung. Some of them are quite big with a couple of villages. They are Mendanau Island, Seliu Island, Nadu Island and Batu Dinding Island. Most of Belitung population is come of Melayu ethnic and most of them are Moslem. There are some other ethnics likes Chinese, Javanese, Balinese and some people from Sumatra like Palembang, Minang and Batak. Belitung regency consists of 9 districts and 69 villages. The capital of Belitung is Tanjungpandan, which stay at North West of this Island. The other large towns are Manggar, Gantung, Kelapa Kampit and Sijuk. The main resources, which also become the main product of Belitung Island, are tin mining, kaolin, quartz sands, and granite rock. The plantation are mainly palm oil, pepper, coconut, coffee, natural rubber, and vegetable.

If seen from its tourism sector, Belitung is an island with beautiful beaches, the unique landscape with its purely white sand, and the crystal clear seawater. Belitung is also popular with its granite boulder white stones beach in Tanjung Tinggi, Tanjung Kelayang, Tanjung Binga dan Lengkuas Island. This beautiful nature is also accompanied by hundreds of small islands, which add the beautiful tourism area in Belitung Island. Belitung Island is one of the best and unique beaches own in Indonesia.

North coast of the island is South China Sea, Java Sea on the South coast, Kari Mata strait on the East close to Borneo Island and Gaspar strait on the West close to Bangka island. The land is about 4833 square km, 89 km long (East to West) and 69 km wide (North to South) with diversified terrain, hilly areas and extensive tracks of marshland. The climate is tropical, temperature around 27 - 31 C degree during the day and 23 - 25 C degree during the night. There only 2 season a year, rainy season (120mm) from October to April and hot season during April to October. The highest land is Tajam Mountain, only 500m above the sea. The others are just a hill likes Burung Mandi, Kubing, Kik Karak, Peramun, Selumar, Guda, ect.
The land surface is originally tropical forest, but since the development palm oil industry in 1992 more than 40% of the surface are palm oil plantation.

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