Tanjung Pandan Manggar Tanjung Tinggi Tanjung Kelayang Lengkuas Island Tanjung Binga Punai Beach


Tanjung Pandan
The capital town of Belitung is Tanjung Pandan. It is about 45 minutes flights from Jakarta. [more...]

Manggar is the 2nd largest town in Belitung. It's placed in Eastern coast about 90 km from Tanjungpandan. Manggar was the center of tin mining activity in Belitung starting from 19th century pioneered by Dutch people. [more...]

Tanjung Tinggi
One of its beauties is Tanjung Tinggi beach. This beach is located about 30 km of Tanjung Pandan, a beach that has many types of granite and become the superior of Tanjung Tinggi. [more...]

Tanjung Kelayang
Tanjung Kelayang is one of Belitung’s beautiful beaches. This beach is also offering white sandy beach with its unique stones that strong stand up in various forms. [more...]

 Lengkuas Island
Lengkuas Island is a small island, placed in North of Tanjung Binga village. This island is surround by several granite rock islands that can reach by just walking cross the seawater that less than 1,2m depth. [more...]

Tanjung Binga
Tanjung Binga village is in Sijuk district. If the visitors come to the right season, they will find delicious Durian (kind of fruit). In the side of Tanjung Binga village, you can find Bukit Berahu Cottages that equipped with swimming pool a nine holes golf field. [more...]

Punai Beach
This beach is kind of natural beach with its white sandy and few of granites. This beach is located about 93 km of Tanjung Pandan or 18 km of Dendang District. It is about 11/2 hour of Tanjung Pandan. [more...]

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