Palangkaraya is the province capital of Central Kalimantan and situated in the upstream region of the Kahayan River. In the local Dayak language, Palangkaraya means a holy container. Palangkaraya can easily reached from Jakarta, Banjarmasin, Samarinda, Balikpapan and other points of the island by air.
Nowadays, the town has become the center of government, trade and education of the province. The regional Museum of Palangkaraya contains a collection of historical and cultural interest from all over Central Kalimantan. The Nature Reserve of Tangkiling lies 34 kilometers north of Palangkaraya. Small rivers flow through the reserve.

Tangkiling Hill is a group of eight Batu hills that have beautiful scenery and very attractive to be visited. It is about 43 km from Palangkaraya and located in Banturung village admission in Batu hill region. One of way to reach there, is use land transportation about 30 minutes from Palangkaraya, there is also a lake, 27 km from Palangkaraya. The lake is hardly good for family recreation and fishing.

The museum that located in Central Kalimatan, Raya Tjilik Riwut Street, 2 km Palangkaraya, is collecting many kinds of public culture. There is the equipment of traditional fieldsman named MIHING and traditional dress named BAJU SANGKAURUT and traditional weapon of Dayak tribe like Mandau, Duhung and the other traditional weapon. Besides that, it also demonstrates goods as those types: Ethnographical, Historical, Archeological, Numismatic / Heraldic foreign ceramics and others.

Arboretum is protection place name of forest. It located in side of Tahai Lake. There are various birch's stepped, it suitable for a research as well as place of various bird types and other animal. You can find a place in this location. Orang Utan rehabilitation that is located in side of the Arboretum, try to help to assist the local animal returned and know their annually habitat.

It is a nature lake that accommodating the rainwater effusing and as a water recreation place, suited for fishing devotee, can circle the lake with boat that being rented. The Adrift houses, place of karaoke and some shelter to take a rest are available for visitor.

It is located in RTA. Milono Street, about 8 km from the downtown. This can go through landline. This is a beautiful building in china design with typical ornaments of Kalimantan Tengah.

It is an exquisite lake and located across Sebangau River, in Kereng Bangkirai village 12 km from Palangkaraya toward south. For towards to the location we can apply vehicle of land only 15 minutes from common cab.



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