Central Sulawesi Province Region, before under the Netherlands colonization, is a Kingdom government, which consist of 15 (Fifteen) Empire under the kings leadership then later in Central Sulawesi history is recognized as The Seventh Kingdom in East and Eight Kingdom in West.
Since 1905, Central Sulawesi region entirely authorized by Dutch, from the seventh kingdom in the east and eight kingdom in the west, then by the Government of Dutch Indies made Landscapes or the center of Dutch government, include of:
1. Poso Lage in Poso
2. Lore in Wianga
3. Tojo in Ampana
4. Una-una Island in Una-una
5. Bungku in Bungku
6. Mori in Kolonodale;
7. Bagai in Luwuk;
8. Parigi in Parigi;
9. Moutong in Tinombo;
10. Tawaeli in Tawaeli;
11. Banawa in Donggala;
12. Palu in Palu;
13. Sigi/Dolo in Biromaru;
14. Kulawi in Kulawi
15. Tolo-toli in Toli-toli;

In it development, when the Government of Dutch Indies fall and have not command again in Central Sulawesi and all Indonesia, by the Central government, Central Sulawesi was divide become 3 (Three) region part namely:
1. Central Sulawesi part of West, covered; Poso regency, Banggai regency and Buol Toli-toli regency. This region division is based on the constitution number 29 in 1959, about the forming of regency areas in Sulawesi.
2. Centered part of Central Sulawesi (Tomini Bay), admission to the North Sulawesi countryside in Manado. In 1919, all of Central Sulawesi admission becomes part of North Sulawesi in Manado. In 1940, Central Sulawesi becomes 2 'Afdeeling' that is 'Afdeeling Donggala' covering Seven Onder Afdeeling and Fifteen Self governing.
3. Central Sulawesi part of East (Tolo Bay) admission to East Sulawesi countryside in Bau-bau.
In 1964 with the Government constitution number 2 in 1964, it had formed a Province of Central Sulawesi that covered regencies that is Donggala regency, Poso regency, Banggai regency and Buol Toli-toli regency. Hereinafter Central government specify Central Sulawesi Province as independent autonomous Province that declared with the constitution number 13 in 1964 about the Province form area of Central Sulawesi and hereinafter the date of the forming is remind as Central Sulawesi Province Birthday.



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