East Kalimantan is the biggest province in Kalimantan Island cover region with a width of 245237 Km2 with number of populations more than two millions men. East Kalimantan is the richest of natural sources area in Kalimantan. This region is rich of oil, coal, gold, wood and natural gas. The most of Natural Resources of East Kalimantan, have exported and give high contribution for the nation income. Based on history note, the eldest Kingdom of Hindu in Indonesia is reside in this area. This conclusion based on note of inscription that being found in 'Lembah Wahau', in north of Tenggarong that coming from 5 century. This eldest Empire of Hindu had mentioned that has done contact with India and Sriwijaya Kingdom. The substitution of this Hindu Empire is Sultanate Kutai that emerging at third century with its capital of in Tenggarong. Kutai then become the center commerce of Denting in this region and Tenggarong become the biggest and busier town in East Kalimantan, finally shifted by Samarinda and Balikpapan at 20 century. Kalimantan was known as one of main oil producer area in Indonesia. The exploitation of Oilfield in this area have been done since 1897 started from delta area Mahakam River, while distillation area of oil is focused in Balikpapan.

In 1913, the oil production in East Kalimantan can yield half Indonesia's production oil (when below Dutch power) and Balikpapan reach it's glorious from the abundance of oil production in this Mahakam River area. Mahakam River is busy river with crowded river traffic. Mahakam River has become the main roadway in East Kalimantan. Various vehicles of downstream river go upstream in this river. From navigable Samarinda, Mahakam River towards finite upstream of 523 Km passes various towns and villages, which located in this great river periphery. Public around river build their house above pillars so that remain to be safe although river water bubble up when it rains.


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