Samarinda is known for its fine sarong cloth. The city shows some signs of being the capital of a prosperous province. New government office and public utilities are rising everywhere. Samarinda has a number of modest but comfortable hotels. [ More ... ]

Balikpapan, the center of Kalimantan's oil industry is also the gateway to East Kalimantan with air and sea connections to Jakarta and other major points in Indonesia. Even the trip to Samarinda, begins in Balikpapan. In accordance with its importance, Balikpapan has a number of good hotels, including one of international standard, as well as recreation facilities. It has the second busiest airport in the nation after Jakarta. [ More ... ]

Berau and Marine Tourism on Derawan island
Found here are the remains of a king called the Keraton Gunung Tambur and The Keraton Sambaliung. Historic objects can be seen here. Derawan island is i 3 hours by a long boat from Tanjung Redep (The Capital of Berau Regency) or via Tarakan. There are many rare animals such as the green turtle, the scarlet turtle, star fruit turtle and sea cow. [ More ... ]


Located in the regency of Kutai with an area of i 200.000 ha, Bontang has a rare flora and fauna. The Kutai National Park near Bontang is north visiting to see sceneries especially those at Beras Basah. [ More ... ]

Tenggarong, up the Mahakam river from Samarinda, is the capital of the Kutai regency and was once the seat of the Kutai sultanate. The Sultan's palace at the riverside is now a museum where the old royal paraphernalia are kept, as well as an excellent collection Of Dayak Woman antique Chinese ceramics. [ More ... ]

Melak - Kersik luway
Melak is a little village further ustream on the Mahakam river in the heart of the land of Tanjung Dayak. Not far from the village is the Kersik Luway nature reserve, where the "Black Orchid grows. [ More ... ]

Pasir Regency
Palm Plantation is located about 120 km from Tanah Grogot. Nature panorama with extent of coconut garden, which is wide with fresh air, is place of agro tourism object that interesting to be visited. [ More ... ]

Penajam Pasir Utara Regency
Deer Breeding is located in Waru District, Penajam Paser Utara regency, according to SK East Kalimantan No14/BPN-16/UM-05/111-1990 is reserved farm with 1000 Ha width for breeding area, but finite has just exploited and have been fenced with 50Ha width. [ More ... ]

Malinau Regency
Long Mungan is reside in Pujungan river is: Jeram Beluwe, Cow, Luu, Noa, Entaa Liang, Bearau, Pangin, Baliu, Mading, Lung, Lesung, Alo, Badeng, Telasu, Buet, Enta Talang, Monkey, Wung, Abye, Luhung, .... [ More ... ]

Nunukan Regency
Nunukan Regency is the capital of Nunukan Regency. This area about Neighboring with Malaysia State that is Tawau city. Nunukan city is a real strategic town as the gateway of East Kalimantan upstate, so that the facilities and basic facilities for foreign tourist need improving although in Nunukan city there is Hotel, Restaurant and hotspot. Tourism object such as; Batu Lumapu tourism, resides in Sebatik island where there is extent of wide coast when low tide and it is said there is a stone arising called Batu Lumapu. This location is against Nunukan Island. [ More ... ]

Tarakan Regency
Tarakan is island town, which located near with Sabah, Malaysia frontier. According to history, Tarakan have ever become location of venomous encounter at Second World War between Japan armies and Australian army. 235 Australian armies died at the encounter. [ More ... ]

Sangata Regency
Around Sangata, which is the capital of Kutai Timur regency there are a number of interesting tourism objects to be visited for example Lombok Bay Beach and Perancis Bay. Both of this locations are located not far from Sangata city and reachable using line earned, fringe the beach about 15 Km from the city. Birah-birahan Island is located in Sangkulirang District. [ More ... ]


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