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Komodo National Park
Komodo National Park is located in the center of the Indonesian archipelago, between Sumbawa and Flores islands. [More ...]

Kelimutu Lakes
The most famous tourist attraction in Flores is Kelimutu; three colored lakes in Ende district. These colored lakes change colors on a regular basis. [More ...]

Mount Kelimutu
East Nusa Tenggara's natural wonder and one of Indonesia's most mysterious and dramatic sights that can be found on top of this mountain, some 66 kilometers from Ende, or 83 kilometers from Maumere.[More ....]

Lasiana Beach
An ideal tourist recreation spot, near the capital city where the beach faces westward to watch beautiful sunsets. Lusiana has been chosen as the port for 1996 Around - the World Sailing Competition started in England, and the yearly Darwin - Kupang yacht Race.

A lovely community about 45 km from Kupang with regular market days and a natural swimming pool, where traditionally people bathe, do their laundry, and socialize. Camplong is also a forest reserve where some scarce animals, such as deer (Cervus Timorensis), parrots, monkeys, etc. in the reservation, are protected.

Tablolong is a beautiful place, about 23 Km from Kupang, with white sandy beach and crystal water good for water sport recreation. Tablolong is also chosen as the base for Kupang Local Bill fish Fishing Tournament.

Oenesu is the waterfall spot in beautiful natural panorama. It is located on the middle of Kupang and Tablolong.

A town (110 km from Kupang) noted for its cool weather, beautiful flowers, and good fruits. Soe is, after all, a dull sprawl of wooden and corrugated-tin-roofed houses.

Maumere is a port town on the northeastern coast of Flores and a stop over on the way to Ende or to Larantuka.[More ...]

This town contains the home in-exile of former and first Indonesian president, Soekarno, while in banishment during the early period of nationalist movements in 1936. The house has been repaired and is today a museum.

On the west end of Flores is the picturesque little town of Labuanbajo. A little town inhabited by fishermen, lies at the extreme western part of Flores. [More...]

Larantuka is a neat clean seaport with a beautiful view. Everything is within walking distance except for the pier where the boats leave for Timor (4-5 km from town).[More...]

Lamalera Whale Hunting
Lamalera on Lembata Island is a whaling village. In May to September make up the whale-hunting season for the people of Lamalera. Using simple traditional tools as small rowboats and the hand thrown harpoons, the hunters sail out to hunt these giant creatures of the sea. The catch is either consumed or sold.

A neat little town in Western Sumba, full of old graves carved in motifs of buffalo-horns, man-heads, horses, nude men or women symbolizing social status or the wealth of the people. [More...]

The village is about 20 km from Waikabubak with its large graveyard (the largest megalithic tombs in Sumba). The tombs are always with unusual carvings. Anakalang is the site of "Purung Takadonga", an important mass marriage festival held every two years, on a date determinate by the full moon.

Menipo Island
Menipo Island is not shown in any geographical map. It is only 571 hectares large or 7,328 meters long and 700 meters wide.[More...]

Semau Island
Thirty minutes by boat from Kupang this island is certainly worth to stay one whole day. [More...]


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