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The Media

The number of newspapers and magazines circulating throughout the country at present is approximately seven million a day. There are 126 dailies, 85 weeklies, 35 fortnightlies, 5000 weekly magazines, two quarterly magazines, 45 monthly magazines and ten bulletins.
There are three English-language dailies in Jakarta. Radio Republic Indonesia, the national radio network has stations throughout the archipelago, with the main station in Jakarta. There are five "Nusantara" coordinating stations, i.e. Medan, Yogyakarta, Banjarmasin, Ujung Pandang and Jayapura besides regional and district stations.

Apart from the state-controlled stations there are almost 900 privates stations, commercial and non-commercial. The orbiting communications satelite has made it possible to spread the television network to cover most areas of the country.

Entirely state-controlled, there is one channel run by the government and another one is privately run although nine provincial stations have some of their own limited programmes. Production of national feature films totaled more than 100.000 titles in 2004.
There is an annual quota for the importation of foreign movies and in so doing, this encourages the growth in the domestic production of feature as well as documentary films. The shooting of films in Indonesia requires a permit from the Directorate of Film of the Department of Information in Jakarta.

Private video cameras carried by tourist may be used freely, except where restrictions at certain areas apply.



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