Gorontalo, recognized as it three position that is; Hulawa, Dungingi (now Tuladenggi sub-district), which both located is boundary by Bolango river. The third position is between two kampongs that is Biawa'o and Limba B this both kampong is become the center birth of Gorontalo city.

At King Botutihe government epoch in 1140, 6 days of Sya'ban month the Center Empire of Gorontalo city had removed from Dungingi to Kuwala, that is between the two kampongs. The evacuation was based of the Gorontalo downtown empire, because the Dutch government, starts mastered Gorontalo Port, by sent their officer, and starts to build some buildings to strengthen their position in empire region.

This municipal administration is marked by build Baiturrahim Mosque, and from this mosque, Sultan Botutihe, develop and preserve jointed custom 'Syara' and 'Syara' jointed 'Kitabullah (Al-Qur'an)'. Six days of Sya'ban months in year calculation, on 19 March 1728, thereby, the Gorontalo city age up to 2001 is 273 years old.

After getting out of the colonization hand namely since Indonesia had proclaimed the independence in 1945 and there was the government regulation number 11 in 1953, hence Gorontalo city include one part of the autonomous North Sulawesi. Hereinafter with the implementation of the constitution number 29 in1959 about regencies in Sulawesi, hence Gorontalo city area becomes an autonomous area with Gorontalo township status that realized begins on 20 Mays 1960.

Then with the constitution number 18 in 1965 about government fundamental of area, name of Gorontalo township become municipality, and the constitution number 22 in 1999 about government area, Gorontalo municipality status become Gorontalo city. With the forming and the declared of Gorontalo province on 16 February 2001, hence Gorontalo city is also declared as provincial capital.
This town is properly remembered as the eldest town in Indonesia region east side, the center of Islam expansion, because its custom is jointed 'Syara' is the 19th custom area (Farha Daulima).




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