Like an old city in Gorontalo Province that build on 19 March 1728 (municipality, 20 Mays 1960) broadly 64,79 ha and on 0 - 500 m sea level temperature 250 C, make this town as important place in Tomini Bay with Manado with its Bunaken Island in north and Palu with its Togian Island in south side, the location of town with number of residents 200 men which 85 % is Moslem, as strategic purpose. Gorontalo is known "Culture City" which able to be seen through the variety tradition, dance, music, and it legend. The friendly people apply Gorontalo language and Indonesia in their habitually, also famous with souvenir " Krawang Embroidery". Journey to and from Gorontalo is easy: through diffraction land line apply transportation with bus, through sea line can be served two passenger ships like KM TILONGKABILA and direct ferry ship in port Gorontalo, through air line can apply Bouraq and Merpati Airlines to Jalaludin Gorontalo Airlines only 20 minutes from the downtown. And in his own town you can apply the public transportation wherever you go or you also can apply famous traditional gig.

Supermarket and market, dispensary, photograph studio, souvenir shop, bank, hotel, travel agent and restaurant offering Bithebiluhuta traditional foods, make the ex town that mastered by Dutch and only 15 minutes to Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park, as fascination tourism objects. Otanaha Fortress as omission object of 14century located in the beautiful lake, and the contour relation of lake and mountain make Gorontalo nature is completely fascination. With the friendly, we greet the visitors.





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