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Places of interest

The park houses a big number of historically important places. On several places, mostly only reachable by four-wheel-drive car, contains important megalithic remains. Near Kunun village, about six kilometers south of Penuh River, is a stone of one and a half meter high, known as Batu Gong. Muak village, Gunung Raya district, south of Kerinci Lake, about thirty kilometers south of Penuh

River, has two important stones: Batu Bergambar (Stone with Image), which was moved from it's original location to it's current position in 1960; Batu Patah (Broken Stone), is an overturned menhir. Furthermore, Pondok village in the same area, 35 kilometers south of Penuh River, houses a 3,85 meters-high stone with motives. Pondok Tinggi village houses a big wooden mosque from 1874, which should have been constructed without nails and is decorated heavily with woodcarvings and paintings. Here is a giant 'bedug', and horizontal drum, which was used on old Javanese mosques to call people for prayer. This from origin pre-Islamic costume goes back to the Indo-Javanese civilization, where it was used in temples, and it's comparable with kulkul signal drums in Balinese temples.


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