The history of Lampung had been started since Hindu period. Which continuously up to the early of XVI century. The system of culture came from the outside include Hindu and Buddha but domination got from original tradition that Malaya Polynesia era. According to the news from china at VII century said that the south region (Namphang) had been found empire, named Talang p'ohwang. (To = person: lang p'ohwang = Lampung) in the other region had treasure that signed Lampung in a great maritime empire's hand, that name was Sriwijaya. Moslem era marked by Banten influence in Lampung at VII century, Lampung have got a tough hero who fought colonial Dutch (Dutch and the name was Raden Intan) Another opinion said that Moslem came in first time at lampung from west Sumatra in XIV century until XV century Before Moslem / religion coming to Lampung, people have been Hindu, Buddhist and veneration of spirit forefathers (sites pugung & kebon tebu).


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