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Indonesia belongs to one of the most volcanic and seismically active region in the world. There are 128 active volcanoes of which 76 had eruption in historic time. [More...]


Bandar Lampung is the capital city of Lampung Province, located right next to the beautiful landscape of Lampung Bay. [More...]

Way Kambas
In the east part of Central Lampung there is a nature reserve named “Way Kambas“ which covers 130.000 hectares areas. [More...]

Tour Garden Bumi Kedaton - Batu Putuk
Lampung has long been as the Land of Elephants and Way Kambas as the best known as elephant training center. But don't imagine that getting there is easy these days. [More...]

Lampung Museum
Lampung Museum is located in Z.A. Pagar Alam Street or just 5 km from the heart city of Tanjungkarang. It has 3.233 collections compiled from prehistory, Hindu, Buddha and Islamic Age.[More...]

Ranau Lake
Ranau Lake is surrounded by mountainuous highland and natural view. It is located in the West Lampung sharing border with South Sumatera Province. [More...]


Kota Agung Port
Kota Agung is the capital of the Tanggamus Regency; one of 'old city' in Lampung province had the local port. Besides as the place of the fish landing, [More...]

Bukit Barisan National Park II
Bukit Barisan National Park II (TNBBS-II) is the protected forest region that is occupied by the endangered species. [More...]

Way Lalaan Waterfall
Way Lalaan is a constitution gradually waterfall that have 200 m distance of one to others, from the flow of Way Lalaan river which mouth of a river to Semangka Bay. [More...]

Jeram Semaka Waterfall
Jeram Semaka waterfall is located in Pekon Way Kerap Semaka district that be at a distance around 25 km from the centre of the government of the Tanggamus Regency.[More...]

Gisting & Batu Keramat Region
Plateau area of Gisting and Batu Keramat contain a beautiful potency where from height of this area place we can enjoy cold air of mountain with view of workload of Semangka Bay decorated with giant oil tankers and fishing boat and also Kota Agung seaport. Located only 4 Km of Center Governance of Tanggamus Regency. [More...]

Batu Tegi Dam
Approaching the centre city Talang Padang district, in the right corner of the intersection, see to strike the plank of the indicator towards Tegi Stone Dam (Tegi = erect / stood - Lampung language).[More...]

Megalithic Area & Batu Bedil Inscription
For the site-interested person of archeology (tour-history & the culture), in Pulau Panggung district, tourists could visit to the complex megalithic and Bedil Stone inscription. [More...]

Arrive in Pagelaran district, apart from paddy-field scenery and pekon-pekon in turns apparently also a row was produced by rattan diligence peddled by the side of road. [More...]

Tabuan Island
Tabuan island is to be a territorial of Tanggamus Regency that located in Teluk Semaka and the wide of the territory is about 600 hectares. [More...]

Ancient Grave of Prince Jiwa Kesuma
Located at Wonosobo disrict about 7 km from Kota Agung. This grave was graves of Prince Jiwa Kesuma's family who live at transition Hindu-Islam period. This grave marked by primary ornaments or texture of Hindu. Also found Ikhawan grave (single boys and girl) grave as sacrificed for worship in belief Hindu in the past. [More]

Wonotirto Fishery
This location is located in the of Talang Padang district, Wonoharjo village that be at a distance around 10 km from Kota Agung - Bandar Lampung highway. This tourist attraction is supplemented with swimming pool facilities, the bathing place, the rowing boat, the hut to spend the night and huts to take shelter, relaxed.

Harapan Beach
Harapan Beach is located about 10 km from the Tanggamus Regency Government Office. [More...]

Badak / Muli Indah Beach
This Recreation place is located in Badak Village, Cukuh Balak District, Tanggamus regency, at Bandar Lampung - Kedondong - Pardasuka - Puith Doh route; it's about 87 Km from Bandar Lampung. [More...]

Batu Balai Beach
Coast which still natural with clean sea and located in roadside that connect west route with West Lampung regency. [More...]

Sawmil Beach
Sawmil beach is located about 20 km from the centre of the Tanggamus regency government widely the location that could be developed about 300 hectares. [More...]

Way Gelang Beach
The shoreline span that buckled joined with foot the Tanggamus Mountain in this territory of regency waters, has many potential as the object tour-maritime. [More...]

Terbaya Beach
Terbaya beach that was located on the left of the road 3 km gazed at the centre of Kota Agung city from the side of Bandar Lampung was the maritime tourism object that was busy visited by tourists during holiday and week final. [More...]

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