The main gateway into Maluku is through the provincial capital of Ambon, which is served by regular flights to most parts of the archipelago. Air and sea transportation connect the islands themselves together very well. The province has 79 seaports and 25 airports, but only about 4 km of roads. However, good roads on many of the islands provide easy access to the more remote places of interest.





Anda Baru Hotel
Ketilang Street 84, Ternate
Phone: (0921) 21262

Archie Hotel
Nuku Street 6, Ternate
Phone: (0921) 3110821

Ayu Lestari Hotel
Raya Bastiong Street, Ternate
Phone: (0921) 25610

Bastiong Indah Hotel
Raya Bastiong Street, Ternate
Phone: (0921) 326169

Bukit Pelangi Hotel
Jati Slt Street 338, Ternate
Phone: (0921) 22180

Chrisant Hotel
Jend A Yani Street, Ternate
Phone: (0921) 22872

El Nirwana Hotel
Pahlawan Revolusi Street 426, Ternate
Phone: (0921) 21059

Elsinta Hotel
Pahlawan Revolusi Street, Ternate
Phone: (0921) 21933

Harmonis Hotel
Kota Baru Street 1, Ternate
Phone: (0921) 21338

Indah Hotel
Basoiri Street 3, Ternate
Phone: (0921) 21334



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