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Ternate is an island and town in the Maluku Islands (Moluccas) of eastern Indonesia, located off the west coast of the larger island of Halmahera. In the pre-colonial era, Ternate was the dominant political and economic power over most of the "Spice Island” of Maluku. Today, Ternate is the largest town in North Maluku province.

Ternate on the north Seram is a center of power and communication. It is the second most important town in Maluku after Ambon. Two-third of the island's people live in Ternate town, the business and market center of the whole region. A visit to the market will give an idea of some of the area's products. Fort Oranje, built by the Dutch and currently being used by the Indonesian police and military is open to the public. Ternate Island

Ternate, an island off the west coast of Halmahera, is just 15 sq. km in size but it offers a treasure of sights and experiences. There is an active volcano named Gamalama, two lakes, an old Sultan's palace, a picturesque port and several good beaches.

Up until the Ducth completed the colonization of Maluku in the nineteenth century, the sultans of Ternate ruled an extensive empire that at the time stretched across the archipelago, from Sulawesi to Papua. The peak of its power came near the end of the sixteenth century, under Sultan Baabullah, when it had influence over most of the eastern part of Sulawesi, Ambon and Seram area, and Papua parts. It frequently engaged in fierce competition for control of its periphery with the nearby sultanate of Tidore. According to historian Leonard Andaya, Ternate's "dualistic" rivalry with Tidore is a dominant theme in the early history of the Maluku Islands. [ More •••>>>]



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