Shopping Hints
Ornaments of intricate carved wood are common in all the district. In Sangir the wood used is ebony. In Gorontalo however, it is rattan. Krawang is a special kind of embroidery from Gorontalo, which is well-known throughout Indonesia.




Matahari Dept. Store
Dr. Sam Ratulangi Street 22, Manado
Phone: (0431) 868810

Jumbo Pasar Swalayan
Letjend. Suprapto Street 1, Manado
Phone: (0431) 851425

JN Supermarket
Laks. RE. Martadinata Street 45, Manado
Phone: (0431) 852547

Central Mini Market
Raya Tomohon Street
Phone: (0431) 351400

Roberta Dept. Store
Letjen Haryono MT Street 11, Manado
Phone: (0431) 861996

Coco Supermarket Dept. Store
Dr. Sam Ratulangi Street 458, Manado
Phone: (0431) 827227

Gelael Supermarket
Jend. Sudirman Street 73, Manado
Phone: (0431) 863236

Fiesta Pasar Swalayan
Dr. Sam Ratulangi Street 329 - 331, Manado
Phone: (0431) 862363

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