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A. Crops and plantation
Sub sectors of crops and plantation have good prospect to be development are as follows:

  1. Corn with area potential more than 500,000 ha in Kendari and Muna region.
  2. Soybean plantation with area potential of 10,000 ha in Kendari region.
  3. Sugarcane plantation in Kolaka, Kendari and Muna region.
  4. Paddy field development
  5. Horticulture's development.

B. Fishery
Investment opportunities in this field are:

  • Shrimp aquaculture with potential of 44,899 ha.
  • Pearl shell aquaculture.
  • Seaweed, sea cucumber aquaculture with a potential of 500 ha.
  • Other coastal like lobster, living fish, etc.
  • Catching of tuna, skip jack, octopus, etc.

C. Cattle Breeding
Presently, cattle from Southeast Sulawesi have been marketed to Java and Irian Jaya. The development of cattle breeding at large scale is possible because of the availability of extensive land farming, and also enough animal feed naturally, and the possible of waste of sugar factory and other agriculture industry.


D. Forestry
Business opportunity is potential in industry plantation Forest for pulp and paper, and furniture. Wood species of pulp and paper are: Acacia mangium, Pinus merkuli, eucalyptus spp and Paraseriantes falcataria. Whiles for furniture are: Tectona grandis (Teak Wood), Swientenia mahagoni, pericopsis, Insia bijuga, etc.

In many, we could also develop rattan and bamboo. The latter is potential for chopstick industry. The possible total areas for forest plantation industrial are 438,000 ha.


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