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Sengkang Soppeng Enrekang Polewali - Mamasa (Polmas)


Sangalla Lemo Londa Kete Kesu Marante Makale rantepao Suaya (King Suaya Graveyard) To'Barana Sa'Dang Palawa Nanggala Buntao Tondon Batutumonga Lokomata Makula Bari Buntu Kalando Penanian Karassik



Makale is the capital of Tanatoraja administration. The steep hills of the town crowned with the church's tower and its valleys with many new government buildings. Most of them have traditional Toraja architecture here, which are full of relieves and curvy roof. The city is a proper site connecting west Toraja around Tondon, Suaya and Sangalla. By the time of market day, the city will be a central of people's activity, because a great many people from different areas coming with their products, such as cattle, earthenware handicrafts, baskets and local handicrafts.





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