West Kalimantan has just been developed for tourist traffic. However, Pontianak has three star hotels, each with modern amenities and also facilities for conventions. Two and one star hotels have air conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms, telephones, TV and restaurants. Several moderate accommodation, such as lodges and inns are common in every regency.




Mahkota Hotel
Sidas Street, 8 Pontianak
Phone: (62-561) 736022
Fax: (62-561) 736024

Kartika Hotel
Rahadi Osman Street, Pontianak
Phone: (62-561) 734401
Fax: (62-561) 738457

Khatulistiwa Hotel
Diponegoro Street, Pontianak
Phone: (62-561) 736793

Mahkota Hotel
Diponegoro Street, 1 Singkawang
Phone: (62-562) 736022
Fax: (62-562) 736024

Pontianak Raya Hotel
Pak Kasih Street, 44 Pontianak
Phone: (62-561) 732495
Fax: (62-562) 733781

Orient Hotel
Tanjungpura Street, Pontianak
Phone: (62-561) 732650

Wijaya Kusuma Hotel
Musi Street, 51-53 Pontianak
Phone: (62-561) 732547


Gajah Mada Hotel
Gajah Mada Street, 177
Phone: (62-561) 761598

Sentral Hotel
HOS Cokroaminoto Street, 232
Phone: (62-561) 734444

Surya Hotel
Sidas Street, 11A
Phone: (62-561) 734337

Merpati Hotel
Imam Bonjol Street, 111
Phone: (62-561) 745481

2000 Hotel
Gajah Mada Street, 84
Phone: (62-561) 735062

Garuda Hotel
Pahlawan Street, 40
Phone: (62-561) 736890

Muslim Hotel
Imam Bonjol Gg. Martapura Baru
Phone: (62-561) 761598

Kapuas Palace Hotel
Imam Bonjol Street, Pontianak
Phone: (62-561) 736122
Fax: (62-561) 734374


Daya Baru Hotel
Raya Street, 7-8 Mempawah

Patoka Hotel
Sei Pinyuh Bus station


Palapa Hotel
Ismail Tahir Street, 153 Singkawang
Phone: (62-561) 31449

Mahkota Hotel
Diponegoro Street, 1
Phone: (62-561) 31244

Diponegoro Hotel
Diponegoro Street, 32
Phone: (62-561) 31430

Pelita Hotel
Selamat Katman Street,
Phone: (62-561) 31551

Putra Kalbar Hotel
Diponegoro Street,

Kalbar Hotel
Kepol Makhmud Street,
Phone: (62-561) 31404

Khatulistiwa Plaza II Hotel
Wisma Alam Indah Hotel
A Yani Street, 37
Phone: (62-561) 31369

Rosen Motel
Niaga Street, 31
Phone: (62-561) 31734


Natarita Hotel
Jend A Yani Street,

Sanggau Permai Hotel
Jend A Yani Street,

Anggrek Hotel
Jend A Yani Street, 223A


Tahfri Inn
Partisipasi Blok.C

Sesean Inn
Brigjen Katamso Street

Flamboyan Inn
Kolonel Sugiono Street

Terminal Indah Inn
Kolonel Sugiono Street

Setia Inn
Brigjen Katamso Street


Coconut Hotel
Pancur Pamangkat

Cemara Inn
Hambali Street, 166

Masa Inn
Merdeka Street, 99

Puncak Inn
Nusantara Street, 56

Rasa Minang Inn
Nusantara Street, 30


Ujung Pandang Inn
Gusti Hamzah Sambas

Pakades Mini Hotel
Gusti Hamzah Street,

Harapan Inn
Gusti Hamzah Street, 15


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