1. A Brief History of West Kalimantan Province
    Based on the conservation number 25 in 1956, West Kalimantan gets status as Autonomy Province area with capital of Pontianak. This position as autonomous area applied commencing from the date of 1 Januaries 1957. Hereinafter this date is considered to be anniversary day thus West Kalimantan Province. But start from 2002 the anniversary Days of The Government of West Kalimantan Province is commemorated every 28 Januaries.
    Since it determined as Autonomy area Province by 1 Januaries 1957 hence till now, occidental Kalimantan have led by nine government, which is the leader of the regency. Governor H. Usman Jaífar is West Kalimantan governor at that moment and started undertaking since 13 Januaries in 2003. These days government area of West Kalimantan province since it implement as autonomy area based on the conservation number 22 in 1999 divided become ten regencies, two towns as provincial capital West Kalimantan that is Pontianak city.
  2. Legal fundament
    West Kalimantan Province is opened: on 1 January 1957
    Legal fundament: Law No. 25/1956
    Capital: Pontianak
    Regional leader: Led by a Governor assisted by Vice Government

  3. Name Of Governors Kalimantan West
    West Kalimantan since stand up until now have been led nine Governors consisted of:
    1. Adji Pangeran Aflus (1957 - 1957)
    2. Djenal asikin Judadiberata (1958 - 1959)
    3. YC Oevang Oeray (1960 - 1966)
    4. Kolonel Soemadi Bc Hk (1967 - 1972)
    5. Kolonel Kadarusno (1972 - 1977)
    6. Mayjen (Purn) Soedjiman (1977 - 1978)
    7. Brigjen Parjoko Suryokusumo (1987 - 1993)
    8. Mayjen H.A. Aswin (1993 - 2003)
    9. H. Usman Jaífar (2003 - 2008)

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