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Central Lombok is the tourist heart of the Island. The area concludes the traditional villages which are visited in most daytrips - and which are not far from the 'big three' cities - and the southern coast: Kuta beach, where the festivities around the sea worms (nyale) takes place and Tanjung Aan, with beautiful beaches for surfing. Many travel agencies organize daytrips to these easy to reach destinations.


For those who are more than just a little bit interested in Sasak culture certainly has to bring a visit to Batu Kumbung village, northeast of Mataram. It's a traditional Sasak-village, 3.5 km north of the Narmada Water palace. Some women still weave traditional fabrics, decorated by the ikat-technique. There is a creek, which is said to be healing.

The village has a certain degree of fame because of it's music- and dance-groups. They perform in the region at weddings. The environment is very good for a walk. You can learn the local dances or learn to play an instrument. It's possible to spend the night in a home stay.

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