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West Lombok has both the lushness of Bali and the starkness of outback Australia. The 3,726m Rinjani volcano dominates the northwest of the island, while the southwest is arid and covered by savannas.
Famous for its basket ware, pottery and ikat hand woven textiles, Lombok has exceptional charm and is relatively undiscovered, except for Sengiggi and the Gili islands that have become popular tourism areas. We visit traditional villages and a local market in search for rare pieces of handicraft.

With the three 'big cities', the airport and the biggest concentration of hotels, West-Lombok is the best place to stay for the visitor. Here are the popular Gili Islands, as well as the most important Balinese temples, the center of Wetu Telu and mount Rinjani. The first route takes the tourist north, from Ampenan to Senggigi beach, Gili's, Wetu Telu center Bayan and surrounding, and eventually to the foothills of Moutn Rinjani. The second route goes south to quiet beaches and surfing locations of the southern peninsula.


West Lombok is stay at 115°4´- 116° East Longitude and 8°12´ - 8°55´ South Latitudes with its boundaries is:
East Side: Central Lombok Regency and East Lombok Regency
West Side: Java Sea
South Side: Indonesia Ocean

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